bringing charity
to the blockchain.

Evimeria is the bridge between generosity
and the people who need it the most.

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Let us introduce Evimeria.

We will use the blockchain to track transactions, verify the legitimacy of charities and ensure the safety of donations.

The purpose of the Evimeria Platform is to bring transparency and accountability to the field of charitable donations in an effort to stem corruption by allowing incoming cryptocurrency donations for specific causes or campaigns to be permanently viewable, audit-able and traceable.


Utilizing the power of the blockchain to create the new standard for donating to charities around the globe.

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Integrating Blockchain Into Charities
Using The Evimeria Platform

The world has come to know about the Blockchain technology and gradually it is being approved and used in almost all aspects of the industries we have today. One cannot stop discussing the benefits of living in a decentralized world through blockchain.

This decentralized world is one in which every single person has the liberty to decide on how their education, assets, family, and every other aspect of life should be controlled.

This world that will be decentralized has Blockchain to be thankful for as it is the underlying technology behind such development. The Blockchain is about to create a change in the aspect of charity. This change will occur with the aid of a new platform known as Evimeria.


Blockchain has the prospect of bringing the confidence back into the non-profit field again. As mentioned in this article, it will enable charity organizations to be highly transparent and held accountable.

Individuals will be able to tell if their donations get to the benefactors that are in dire need or ends up in the pocket of directors of such charities. This introduction of Blockchain technology to the field of charity through the Evimeria platform is regarded as a significant breakthrough that is still in its inception phase.

Easy to use.

We offer a user friendly blockchain backed platform to charities and donators around the globe.
Providing the safety of the blockchain, without all the hassle.


For the people.

Evimeria is created by the people, for the people.
We feel the need to help where we can, yet also understand the importance of thoroughly vetting our actions, and the validity of any charities that will receive our donations.


The Evimeria Platform

Brings solutions to problems currently facing the charity industry by enhancing transparency and traceability.

By enabling the acceptance of cryptocurrencies for fundraising campaigns, donors can donate to charity in any cryptocurrency that will then be converted into EVI tokens at the current exchange rate.

Evimeria Platform
Utilising Distributed Ledger Technology

Utilising Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Means greater transparency and public access to a wealth of previously opaque donations records within the sector.

By allowing donors to track and trace their donations on our custom build blockexplorer, every time they decide to give to a charity, companies adopting blockchain technology will be making a concerted effort to bring back trust to the charitable donations industry.


Our Team



Finance & Contracts

Danny is a co-founder of Evimeria, and has been an owner/operator of his own personal business for 4 years. His 5 plus years of experience in cryptocurrency, along with the financial knowledge acquired whilst operating his own successful company will be useful in keeping a healthy record and balance of Evimeria’s finances.



Head of Marketing

Michel is a co-founder of Evimeria, and has run several successful companies over the past 15 years. He has been involved with cryptocurrency for more than 5 years and his experience in both the crypto sphere, as well as real-world business exposure will be used to helpEvimeria reach the masses through various sources of marketing.



Communication Staff

Hey, my name is Henk and I’m the community manager and part owner of Evimeria. I’m a long time crypto enthusiast and believer in what the blockchain and all of its benefits could bring to the world.
Through Evimeria we aim to bring transperancy to the charity world.



Communication Staff

Dear community, my name is Robin.
I'm a crypto enthousiast since 2017. Trading crypto as a hobby next to a full-time job!
I enjoy connecting with people all over the world. I've been working in all kinds of environments and with that I like to work on improvement of processes and communication. Let's connect and let $evi grow!



Communication Staff

Blockchain technology is the future. The general public has not yet recognized this.
The purpose of the Evimeria platform is to bring transparency and accountability to the field of charity donations. I want to do my bit to achieve this goal with Evimeria.
With enthusiastic and knowledgeable people, this is guaranteed to be a success.

More about Evimeria

Simply defined, the Evimeria platform is the upcoming link between generosity and the people who are in dire need of it. The platform aims to utilize blockchain in monitoring transactions, certifying the legality of charities and making sure donations are in safe hands.

Evimeria focuses on bringing not just clarity but also a sense of responsibility to the area of charity and its donations. This is done to weed out corrupt practices by enabling upcoming crypto donations that are needed for particular reasons or possibly campaigns.

The platform will enable the donations to be always seen, easily tracked and scrutinized. Evimeria hopes to input tractability to future donation plans and the charity organization.

The platform was built specifically by the people and basically for the people. It was created because of the burning need to aid those in need in the way that they will not be scammed by any charity organization and at the same time certify the legality of charities that will receive donations from the platform.

The donation strategies and charity organizations we have in the world today have lost their balance and good works. There have been some instances cited wherein organizations collapse and make use of the funds gotten for themselves.

They fail to keep to their promises. There are also situations whereby once the whole campaign is over, it happens that the organization collects the bigger share of the funds and gives just a tiny chunk to the person or group in need of the funds.

As humans, there are times we might want to donate for a good cause but hold back because of the scam stories we hear around. People ask themselves questions such as if the money they donate will actually get to the hands of the person in need or will the money make its way to the charity organization that needs it.

These questions are necessary because once donated; it cannot be gotten back or refunded. A person has no control over the money anymore. So, he or she can only wait and hope that it gets to the needed cause.

As for the Evimeria exchange, it links the platform to the Blockchain's public ledger. The EVI (Evimeria token) powers the platform via providing liquidity including an exchange of value system in the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin can be converted and sold with the EVI token to make use of the donation platform.

For the public blockchain, the EVI is a wave token. And, by the first warriors of the year 2019, EVI will be making use of its very own Blockchain technology. Being on the Blockchain, EVI is positioned as a stake for rewards.

The distributed ledger system makes sure that every EVI transaction linked to donations are monitored easily. Every donation is viewable, scrutinized and monitored on the Blockchain.

The three features that make up the ecosystem are vital as they help to bring about:

  • ■ An easy platform that clearly brings together donors and charity organizations
  • ■ EVI token that bridges the token with other crypto assets
  • ■ A distributed ledger system that monitors and basically accounts for all transactions

Evimeria is gotten from a Greek word that means prosperity and economic success. Using this ethos, the platform generally entails giving people all over the globe a fair opportunity in life through making all donations easy and clear.

The ecosystem consists of three parts which are:

  • ■ The platform
  • ■ The exchange
  • ■ The public blockchain

It is a fact that the platform will be providing a user-friendly Blockchain technology-supported platform for all charities and their benefactors to be joined with one another.

Every charity account will pass through a vetting and know-your-customer procedure before their identification and business status are validated. Evimeria will proceed to offer them a charity profile page that is constantly shown to the public. Clarity is vital here.

Those who are interested can build a donor account and utilize the platform to back whichever charity organization they want or desire. The vital part is that each donor has easy access to the documents of payments amounts owned by the charities.

Meanwhile, the donor account can be confidential, depending on the person. Charity accounts are not private.

With the aforementioned issues mentioned that are plaguing charity organizations and its donations, the Evimeria platform aims to resolve issues that these organizations are being faced with by implementing traceability and clarity.

Through allowing the approval of cryptocurrency for the fundraising campaigns, donors are capable of donating to the charity of any crypto, and it will be converted to EVI tokens using the current exchange rate.

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