We are Evimeria.

We are the bridge between donators and charities using the blockchain to track transactions and verify the legitimacy of charities with the sole purpose to help the ones who need it the most.

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Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Bas, our lead developer and a co-founder, has gotten his degree in software engineering. He works for a company who offers media solutions to major companies across the globe. His love for blockchain technology began 2 years ago, and he immediately felt the need to create something special in this space. Evimeria is his passion. His vision, team, and plans moving forward are a testament to that.


Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Michel is a co-founder of Evimeria, and has run several successful companies. He has been involved with crypto currency for more than 5 years, and his experience in both the cryptosphere, and real world business exposure will be used to help Evimeria reach the masses through various sources of marketing.


Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Danny is a co-founder of Evimeria, and has been an owner/operator of his own personal business for 4 years. His 5 plus years of experience in cryptocurrency, along with the finance knowledge acquired while operating his own successful company, will be useful in keeping a healthy record and balance of Evimeria’s finances.

Oc Pius

Manager Public Relations

As a MPR, my role is to represent Evimeria by communicating its technology and vision to the general public as we extend our global reach. My experience includes four years of consulting medium and large international companies on their business operations. My focus is guiding businesses from infancy and helping them establish themselves in the global community. By bringing my talents to Evimeria, I plan to help it grow and achieve its vision of becoming a leader of providing charitable support.


Didi Taihuttu


Didi Taihuttu, also known as “the man who sold his house for bitcoin”, has joined evimeria's advisory board because he is passionate about what Evimeria is striving to achieve (charity).
Being a Dad, Crypto wanderer, Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Crypto Advisor Didi will bring a wealth of experience to Evimeria.
Didi has been mining and trading in cryptocurrency assets since 2011 — but his real claim to fame started in 2016, when Didi sold everything he owned and invested in Bitcoin.

We are thrilled to have him on our Advisory board!
We are happy to receive Didi’s support for our venture simply because he does not go in bed with projects he sees no future with.

Jason Berlin


Jason Berlin, Founder of Tour de Crypto and one of the two riders of Tour de Crypto.
Tour de Crypto is the first annual cycling road trip created to raise cryptocurrency ( digital currency ) awareness for charity. Tour de Crypto intends to enlighten charities, as well as businesses and individuals alike, about the benefit of adopting digital currencies.

Words to live by

Kind words create confidence.

Kind thinking creates profoundness.

Kind giving creates love.